3 Ways to Lose 5 Pounds This Week

You know what’s the worst?

Being patient
Going the the DMV, sitting at red lights, waiting for the next ‘Mad Men’ season to start.
Heavily anticipating the chiseled 6 pack you’ve been working your butt off for for the last few weeks……………..
If your sacrifice isn’t balanced with some kind of reward (feeling great about your newly rockin body) you become seriously vulnerable to quitting before your strategy has a chance to work it’s magic.
In other words: discouragement happens.
Discouragement IS THE ENEMY. It has destroyed many of my most admirable fitness attempts.

Here are some sounds of discouragement:

My gym membership is over-priced. I miss doughnuts. Why isn’t my stomach isn’t resembling a cheese grater yet?
And that’s when the excuses start.
‘My body is just naturally this weight- nothing changes it. I mine as well eat whatever I want and skip the gym’.
Your lazy, sloppy eating habits take over your positive attitude like weeds consuming a garden.
But what if I told you, you could melt 5 lbs off your frame by being
…..an impatient quitter??
That’s right. I’m telling you to QUIT.
The quitting strategies below will help you lose weight, stay motivated, and ward off that little discouragement devil on your shoulder.
Because who doesn’t love instant gratification? #AmIRight.

1. Quit alcohol

— The weight loss I experienced from quitting alcohol for now almost a month BLEW MY MINNDDD. Turns out a ‘beer gut’ is not just for the heavy drinker. Within 2 weeks of quitting my ‘glass of red wine a day’ habit, I had lost 10 lbs and deflated like a popped ballon. My jeans fit better and my smile sparkled more. Kick-ass!

2. Quit dairy

— You know those murder mystery movies where you don’t know who the killer is until the end of the movie? And it turns out to be a lovable character your were certainly sure was innocent?
Well- that’s what happened with dairy and I. I thought we were buddies. I loved my mozzerella balls. I put my special TJs goat chevre on everything.
And then I started countin’ calories.
Day-uummm dairy. You are FAT. Literally- just fat. And not the sexy kind- like avocados and flax oil.
Quitting dairy put me in the best shape of my life- on top of getting rid of allergic reaction I didn’t even know I had (this is a problem a lot of the population experiences).
I will write another post about the tragic perils of dairy. This is need-to-know information so hang tight.

3. Quit sugar

Despite it’s deceptively sweet taste and colorful packaging, processed sugar is basically the enemy of all that is pure and good. It’s a tough addiction to quit, but if you can pull it off- I commend you. You will be rewarded with increased energy and bathing suit body pride.
I want to make sure to practice what I preach. So for the next 30 days, I invite you to quit sugar (or dairy, or alcohol) with me.
Will you accept the 30 Day Quitter challenge?
I would love to hear about your goals and even more about your results. What are you going to quit? Let me know in the comments.
~ Annalis ‘Quitter’ Clint
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