What's FitQuick?

FitQuick is a kick-ass fitness app with over 27 full minutes of workout routines and body weight movements designed to get you strong, looking great, and feeling confident.

FitQuick helps you say goodbye to gym procrastination and hello to a flat stomach. You get an invigorating daily workout that packs a punch AND you can conveniently do anywhere, in just 9 minutes.

We’ve gathered some of the most effective body-weight moves around, that alternate different muscles and parts of your body so you work up a sweat and get a vigorous full body workout.

What's is the FitQuick 9 Minute Workout Challenge?

Your 9 Minute Challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to break a sweat once a day using the Fitquick app. Throughout the 30 day streak of doing the 9 minute workout, you will get cool prizes and medals of honor. But the biggest reward will be the excellent shape you find yourself in at the finish line.

“The rush is the best part- once you start, you can’t stop”

How It Works?

FitQuick works like going to a fitness class: you launch the app and are given step-by step exercise instructions to complete body weight only exercises.

Except with FitQuick, you’re not paying $100 an hour for personal training. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership. And you don’t need any machines or weights. No need to waste gas and time driving to get started. And you won’t wanna skip it. When you’re done, you’ll feel toned, strong, and energized instead of exhausted.

But you might be sore the next day. That just means it’s working.

Should I Download the App?

“Everyday you chose to be weaker or stronger. Today chose to be stronger.”

If you want to lose 10 lbs a week without dieting properly or exercising, just go away. This isn’t for you.

If you wanna spend 9 minutes doing something that will make you feel great for the rest of the day, then yeah, download it. If you wanna learn a great exercise routine that you can do anytime, anywhere without weights or a gym, download it. If you find yourself too busy to get on a regular exercise schedule because of work, school, travel, kids, or any other reason, then yeah, you should DEFINITELY download it.

How many ‘9 Minutes’ do you waste every day? Give it a try. It will be the best 9 minutes you’ve invested today.

What You'll Learn?

That you don’t need to dedicate 2 hours a day to exercise to get in better shape. Breaking a sweat once a day is enough.

You’ll learn how to get started, how to get stronger, and gain the discipline to start exercising every day.

You can build a body without being a ‘body-builder’ and we’ll show you how.

Not Just Any App

Yeah, FitQuick is an app . But it’s so more than that. Imagine if Candy Crush and P90X had a baby. That’s what using FitQuick feels like. It’s some of the most challenging and innovative workout sequences, and a workout sequence you can’t get anywhere else. Plus, it’s packed with energy to get you started.

Look, there are 250 other fitness apps you can download. We started FitQuick because we wanted a fun, fast workout that would get our heart rate up and make us feel the burn. Not 7 minutes of boring army drills. FitQuick started because we wanted to find the most badass fitness moves to teach real, actionable workouts that grow your
endurance, and define your muscles.

Refund Policy

You know what I love about Amazon? They let you return items if you don’t like them. It’s simple and holds them accountable to sell great products. We did the same with FitQuick. If you aren’t totally satisfied with the app, send us an email and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Too Busy to Commit to an Exercise Plan?

Let’s be real: You can get the body you want- without maxing out your bank account and spending hours at the gym.

“Game-changer for the fitness impaired- and a great challenge for anyone else”

FitQuick helps you say goodbye to exercise procrastination and hello to a flat stomach. You get invigorating daily workout that packs a punch, that you can conveniently do anywhere.

So what are you going to do for the next 9 minutes?