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Press Release: FitQuick Releases 9-Minute Workout Challenge for iOS

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FitQuick Releases 9-Minute Workout Challenge for iOS

9-Minute Workout Challenge for iPhone® is What’s Missing from Your Morning Routine

The demands of modern life can make a full-hour workout session unrealistic at times, but there is an easier way.

Working out before your first morning meal has recently been proven to boost metabolism and increase weight loss efforts, and the 9-Minute “Before Breakfast” Workout is the most effective way to get in a quick dose of morning exercise.

FitQuick Founder Chloe Black used this revolutionary routine as a primary strategy to losing twenty pounds in 3 months.

In 2014, Black became overloaded with too much work to get to the gym regularly, and before she knew it, had put on 20 pounds.

Still lacking time for a daily hour-long workout session, she devised an exercise routine to be done for 9-Minutes every day before breakfast, based on this morning exercise metabolism boosting study.

In 3 months of using this workout, combined with a few other lifestyle changes, she had lost 20 pounds.

FitQuick’s ‘9-Minute Workout Challenge’ is an app that instructs you through this effective cardio and strength routine. There are added bonus exercises to keep it challenging, and progress tracking to keep you motivated.

Open the app and pick your routine to play. The 9-Minute ‘Hot Shot’ level will take you to a screen with step-by-step text and photo instructions so you can review each exercise before you begin.

Click the ‘Start Workout’ button, and you will be guided through an animated workout sequence with voice instructions, second count timer, and break times.

Every time you complete a workout, it gets recorded on your calendar. Complete the challenge for two weeks straight, and you will unlock the ’12-Minute Workout’ level. Go for a 30-day streak and you will unlock the ’15-Minute Workout’ level.

New levels and bonuses are available as in-app purchases if you’re looking to really get in a challenge. The ‘Progress Screen’ weight and measurement tracker will help you visualize your success.

The Profile Settings screen enables you to set daily reminders on your phone, or customize exercise and break duration for a fast and furious workout, or longer endurance challenge.

This routine is just as effective as the 7-Minute Workout, but features more innovative and interesting moves like plyometrics and Pilates. the best part? No equipment or Wifi is needed.

Now, saying you don’t have enough time to workout is no longer an excuse.

9-Minute Workout Features:

  • High-quality visual, audio, and text instructions for each exercise
  • Track your weight and visualize your progress to stay motivated
  • Calendar automatically logs and records all of your workouts so you can see them at a glance
  • Unlock new levels and achieve cool new bonuses
  • Daily Reminders to keep you going
  • Customizable exercise and rest duration — go at your own pace


Pricing and Availability

FitQuick’s 9-Minute Workout Challenge is available on the App Store for free for a limited time in 2015, and offers workout upgrades for 99¢. You can purchase the complete workout package for $2.99. The 9-Minute Workout is designed for iPhone and iPod touch and requires OS 7.0 or newer.


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