Book Club: Mindless Eating

“The FitQuick Book Club is so fun. What an intelligent concept!” – Benjamin Franklin

“It’s time for a new FitQuick book? Heck yeah!” – Taylor Swift

“The FitQuick Book Club changed my life ” – Elon Musk

It is the beginning of a new month. Know what that means?

It’s time to announce a book for the FitQuick book club!

Just because we’re getting STRONGER, doesn’t mean we can’t get SMARTER, right?

This month’s book is……’Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink, Ph.D.

Mindless Eating: Book Club

I think you’ll like this book because….

1. It’s not your typical diet cult book. Brian doesn’t preach that we DO eat certain foods and avoid others. The author loves food, and embraces everything from Big Macs to Filet Mignon. My kinda guy.

2. The book instead examines human eating behavior, and dives into the psychology behind why we eat how we do. It’s filled with lots of intriguing psychology and life hacks that you can use to eat healthier, or throw the best dinner party ever.

3. ‘Mindless Eating’ can help you understand the crazy tricks used by the food industry to make certain foods seem appealing.

Read this book, and you can become aware of these tricks, and even use them on yourself, to make healthier eating decisions.

If you wanna follow along, here’s what you do:

1. Buy the book. Click here to get it on Amazon.

I prefer to listen to the Audible version, myself.

2. Read (or listen to) the book.

Or, if you don’t wanna buy the book, here’s a summary.

3. Check back at the end of the month. I’ll be posting a blog about the book in exactly 30 days. Follow along, and you can participate in the discussion in the comments.

Or just read the book because it might make you a smarter, healthier person.

See you in a month!