28 DAY

Are you ready
to change your life?


Starting new healthy habits it HARD- right?

I know, know. Duh.

But what if I told you there was an easy to get motivated and make it happen?

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Chloe here – FitQuick Founder and Exercise Extraordinaire. I’m not here to talk- I’m here to teach.
Let’s get down to business.

Let me tell you my story about how I learned ‘the hard way’ to get in shape:

“In college, I decided to combat the freshmen 15 by exercising like a maniac- lifting weights, and spending hours on the elliptical, only to find out I was GAINING weight. Rage! I did some serious research and discovered I was eating COMPLETELY wrong for my body. Not only that, I was over doing it on exercise and it was actually causing me to gain weight. After this crazy epiphany- I completely reset. I quit processed food and started reading my food labels. I put together a super special grocery list and eating plan, and followed it religiously. Within a few months, I had lost 20 pounds and was in the best shape of my life.”

The ‘28 Day Body’ eating plan has these ingredients- and is your super special VIP pass to the healthy body you want.

Here’s what we know for sure: This Eating+ Exercise Program = Weight Loss

The plan is nutritionist approved AND IT WORKS. I lost 10 pounds the first month I followed it and lost over 20 lbs doing it for 90 days.

It’s kind of like a book- but sent in daily doses to make sure to stay on top of it. You’ll also get downloadable materials to help you along the way.

The goal of this eating plan is to provide you with the knowledge and will power you need to get to be in the healthiest (and sexiest) shape of your life.

The 28 Day Body: Explained


16 Scrumptious Emeals

No- that’s not a typo. 4 times a week we will email you delicious meals to cook

Vitamin Supplement Protein Shake

Cleansing Vitamin Supplement Regime

Special protein shake mix & recipe to start every morning the right way


Weekly HIIT/ Body Weight Workout Routines

Easy to do anywhere, anytime. No equipment required.


28 Emails

Filled with daily challenges & inspiration (like a virtual personal trainer!)


28 Day Calendar

So you can plan ahead


1 Master Grocery List + 4 Weekly Shopping Lists

What You Will Get When You Sign Up

Every day, you will get an email in your inbox with instructions for how to be more healthy and awesome for that day.

Master Grocery list of foods that will help you live longer, and get the healthy body you’ve been wanting

Pep talks & motivation tips to keep you on top of it

Thought Provoking Fitness Science & Psychology

Easy to Follow Exercise Plans

Small, achievable daily missions to help you form
better habits (i.e. drink 8 glasses of water)

+ All the meal planning and delicious recipes you
need to eat healthy for a whole month.

What Customers Are Saying:


6 Reasons Why YOU Will Love the ‘28 Day Body’

  1. ’Healthy’ food does NOT have to mean boring food. As hardcore foodie, I make sure every recipe is flavor packed. You won’t get bored eating the same thing every day and start binging.
  2. The super special grocery list I provide you with contains the building blocks to 1001 recipes, everything from chicken fajitas to pancakes, so you can satisfy your weirdest cravings.
  3. Having a fridge full of tasty, filling foods will absolutely save you the painful regrets of an accidental one night stand with a Taco Bell gordita.
  4. Eating healthy is shockingly affordable. You will be psyched when you find out that whipping up the easy 28 Day Body recipes will keep you slim and your bank account fat. DOUBLE WIN.
  5. It’s an ‘eating plan’, not a ‘diet’, because it is designed to work for you for life. For EVER and EVER (Not just until you crash and burn from self-deprivation and jump on the next fad diet wagon).
  6. The foods in ‘The 28 Day Body’ have been carefully selected for their micronutrient content. They will help reset your body’s genetic destiny while decreasing inflammation and attacking visceral fat. This plan is dietician approved.

Sign up if you’re ready to start your building new life-changing habits RIGHT NOW. I’m so certain you will love this product and see results, I personally promise a money back guarantee if you don’t like it.


~ Chloe ‘No More Taco Bell Regrets’ Black

PS – If getting into great shape just isn’t your thang right now, sign up below and i’ll send you some cool free healthy lifestyle tips anyway :) OR join the special, VIP group on Facebook to follow along on monthly fitness challenges.