4 Steps You Need to Take to Get Fit, Quick

Here are your tools:

  • FitQuick: 9 Minute Exercise Challenge App currently in Beta mode
  • MyFitnessPal: Diet tracker & calorie counter
  • A scale
  • Measuring ribbon (I use the one from my sewing kit)


Here is the exercise plan:


Rule 1: Break a sweat EVERY SINGLE DAY

For this, the FitQuick app will be essential.
It is great for no-excuses exercise when you’re busy or traveling. You can also repeat or lengthen the exercises to get a full-hour work out or just to get your heart rate up for 10 minutes. No exercise equipment required.

Rule 2:  Measure Everything

That which gets measured, get managed.
Set a calorie limit for yourself and input all of your calories into an app like ‘MyFitnessPal’. I will be tracking everything I eat to ensure I am within the medically recommended 1200 calorie diet to help me lost 1-2 lbs a week. Use MyFitnessPal to determine the right calorie intake for you.
Measure and weigh yourself daily. Measurements will be more important to track than weight in case you put on muscle.
And don’t forget: before-and-after photos. They will keep you going and remind you how far you’ve come.

Rule 3: Exercise 1 hour, 4-6 x Weekly

A very highly-paid nutritionist once told me that in order to see results, you must exercise at least 3 x a week. I am saving you a lot of money, and telling you this for free. However, please be sure that workout doesn’t extend beyond an hour. Often times this will leave you feeling fatigued and may even cause you to gain weight.

Rule 4: Have Fun With It

Enjoying the exercises you do will keep you going back. Mixing up your routine will keep you challenged and in better shape.

Stage 1

— Experiment: you can settle into a regimented gym & workout regime soon. But first, maybe use Yelp to scout out and have fun with some of the crazy exercise trends out there. I suggest experimenting with Aerial Fabrics classes, TRX, hiking, running, and anything else that strikes your fancy to keep you interested. So long as you do it for one hour, 4 x a week.

Stage 2

— Kick-Start & Habit Form: To gain strength and hit the ground running, I suggest doing a specialized 30 day FitQuick bootcamp to help jump start your efforts. After that, it’s a good idea to settle into your gym and develop a long term strategy & routine to create ongoing habits.