When You Lose Fat…..Where Does It Go? [VIDEO]


Science Behind Weight LossHave you ever lost weight, and wondered……..where did it go?

Does it go to the Bahamas? Or outer-space? Is it off to a Twilight Zone dimension where all lost things go- like half pairs of socks and missing car keys?

This media mis-information surrounding fat loss these days also adds more confusion to this question.

For example, The New York Times likes to post inflammatory headlines claiming that exercise is no way to lose weight. While the article goes on to basically contradict itself, it is unclear if they are actually waging a war against cardio, or just trying to create internet scandal.

But even NY Times can’t deny- there are thousands of reasons why you should workout: it helps you live longer, increases your quality of life, makes you happier and smarter, and prevents disease. Plus, it just feels good to get stronger and kick butt.

But YES, exercise also helps you lose weight. And there is some fascinating biochemistry to prove it.

If you had fun watching Bill Nye and Beakman’s World as a kid, you’re going to love this TEXxQUT video from Surfer Scientist Ruben Meerman. It’s a mind-blowing science demo that finally explains where all that fat goes when we ‘lose’ it.

Watch to find out why working out, breathing hard, and getting your heart rate up is a crucial component to getting in shape.