Why Women Shouldn’t Be Striving for Flat Abs

Greek Goddess BellyNotable feminism journalist Seth Millstein of Bustle talks about why flat abs aren’t necessarily a healthy physical goal women should be striving for.

As it turns out, women are biologically predisposed to store fat in their abdomens more efficiently than men, since belly fat serves as protection for the reproductive organs and fetus during pregnancy. As a result, women’s bodies naturally begin storing fat cells in the belly area during adolescence and young adulthood in preparation for childbearing. Men, of course, don’t have such a biological predisposition, and thus have an easier time maintaining washboard abs.

One could argue that the cultural preference for skinniness in women is, in a sense, imposing men’s biological expectations onto women. Women’s bodies, unlike men’s, are expressly designed to hold onto fat.

While excessive belly fat is a culprit of many health problems, women should be proud to maintain a certain level of curvaceousness in their lower abdominals, as a biological indicator of health and fertility.

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